What if your annual doctor’s visit were a true measure of your actual health and how you were aging? What if the experience were immersive, engaging, and fully comprehensive? And what if you were to receive meaningful results about your health, how you compare to others, and how to optimize your ability to live longer?

Thorne is revolutionizing the routine physical with a wellness visit you won’t want to wait a year to do. Thorne Lab is a hybrid clinic that leverages data and technology to provide a comprehensive health risk assessment and biometric screen in a sophisticated, modern, and high-tech space. There is nothing routine about it.  

Comprehensive Set of Health Screenings

Thorne Lab uses technology-driven, clinically validated screening devices, lab work, and cognition tests, along with validated questionnaires, that evaluate the most important health data you should be tracking now. Get ready for an informational and educational appointment that is focused on you.

Before arriving, a Thorne Lab patient completes validated health questionnaires on topics of diet, exercise, stress, sleep, medications, and family and medical history. Because this data is commonly used in research, there are robust clinical take-aways that can be generated from your responses, unlike typical intake information.

What Is Measured During Your Visit?

  • Vital signs – blood pressure, resting heart rate, and pulse oximetry are checked, tracked, and compared to others.
  • Blood is drawn for clinical labs to measure electrolytes, kidney function, liver function, and cholesterol. The blood is analyzed at the point-of-care and the results are available in 30 minutes.
  • A 3D body surface scan obtains clinically relevant anthropometric measurements and performs analysis that links body surface shape to health and disease risk.
  • A body composition analysis determines the percentages of fat, muscle, water, and bone in the body. Because the ratio and distribution of these components varies from person to person, it can have profound health implications per individual.
  • Cognition is the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses. Thorne Lab assesses five cognitive domains: vocabulary, attention, cognitive flexibility, processing speed, and episodic memory.
  • Strength is the capacity of a muscle to produce the tension and power necessary for maintaining posture, initiating movement, and controlling movement. Thorne Lab measures grip strength in both hands, which is a good indicator of overall strength and highly predictive of future functional limitations and disability.
  • Dexterity is the ability to coordinate the fingers and manipulate objects in a timely manner. Dexterity improves with age through childhood until it begins to decline beyond age 60. Thorne Lab uses pegboard dexterity to assess dexterity and identify more subtle aspects of fine motor performance.
  • Balance is the ability to orient the body in space and maintain an upright posture under both static and dynamic conditions. More than half of accidental deaths among the elderly are the result of balance-related falls. Thorne Lab uses the Standing Balance Test to measure balance performance.
  • Although gut microbiome testing is optional, it helps a person understand their current capabilities of digestion, absorption, immune function, mood, and inflammation, all of which can be optimized to reduce the risk of future chronic health conditions.
  • DNA sequencing and computational image analysis using advanced statistical machine learning techniques (optional).

At Thorne Lab, each station includes videos and content as to “what, why, and how,” so a patient is kept informed and engaged about the testing methods being performed. Unlike a brief 15-minute yearly check-up, a Thorne Lab visit takes about one hour and is like no other.

The Personalized Health Report Card

A Thorne Lab visit collects thousands of individual datapoints to collectively provide a holistic and comprehensive picture of a person’s health. Thorne Lab is changing the way health care is delivered by the practitioner and experienced by the patient. At the end of the visit, the patient’s datapoints are reviewed on a digital, interactive platform that covers an entire wall to view and review the results. A patient leaves with a printout and access to their data in an online portal. Gone are the days of hounding the doctor’s office for your test results or a copy of your health data.

Coming Soon to a Healthcare System Near You

Thorne HealthTech announced in 2019 that we own the global licensing rights to Thorne Lab and the data and technology platform behind its insights. Thorne is thrilled to announce a partnership with Legacy Community Health to install a Thorne Lab to serve millions of patients in South Texas with advanced clinical well-care. This capability will then expand around the country in 2022 and beyond. Thorne Lab will serve patients, providers, researchers, and innovators in a collective way, enabling health care to be focused on the patient, saving time and money in visits, and, through data science, reduce the risk of chronic disease in the future.

Thorne HealthTech is dedicated to providing a personalized, comprehensive, and data-driven approach to health, with the goal of improving the aging process and healthspan, and Thorne Lab is accomplishing exactly that.