An idea whose time has come

The concept of maintaining healthy gut and vaginal flora by supplementation with fatty acids is nothing new.* At Thorne we introduced Formula SF722® for this purpose 30 years ago. Since then, Formula SF722 has been one of Thorne’s best-selling nutritional supplements.

And Thorne customers have known all this time what many in the medical world have only recently discovered:  that the gut flora does play an important role in overall health, and that undecylenic acid effectively supports the gut and vaginal flora.*

In recent years, there has even been increasing recognition of the importance of gut flora in maintaining healthy vaginal flora. And today, the microbiome is one of the hottest topics in health. But at Thorne, we have been believers in supporting the microbiome before supporting the microbiome was cool.

Why optimal gastrointestinal function matters

Optimal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract is vital to nutrient absorption, nutrient synthesis, the production of short-chain fatty acids for colon health, the elimination of waste, and proper immune function.

An unhealthy diet, insufficient digestive enzymes, oral contraceptive use, and taking various prescription and over-the-counter drugs can cause imbalances in the gut flora. That’s why supplementation with organic fatty acids can be especially valuable.

The science behind Formula SF722

Medical science has understood literally for centuries that fatty acids benefit the gastrointestinal tract. And 50 years ago, studies emerged that demonstrated the effectiveness of certain organic fatty acids in supporting a healthy gut flora.

When considering fatty acids for this purpose, it appears that the length of the fatty acid’s carbon chain dictates the fatty acid’s effectiveness; i.e., the longer the carbon chain, the greater the effectiveness.

This might explain why undecylenic acid (an 11-carbon fatty acid) appears to provide more benefit for GI microbial balance than shorter-chain fatty acids – for example, the eight-carbon fatty acid, caprylic acid.*

Undecylenic acid can inhibit the conversion of yeast to its hyphal form, making it far less deleterious.* Likewise, fatty acids such as undecylenic acid might disrupt the pH of yeast cells, thus retarding their growth.*

A go-to formula for 30 years

Time-tested and practitioner-approved, Thorne’s Formula SF722 is the answer when support for an optimal balance of microbial and vaginal flora is needed.* Formula SF722's contains the naturally occurring undecylenic acid (10-undecenoic acid), delivered in a base of pure, extra-virgin olive oil.