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How do I earn Reward Points?

Eligible customers must be enrolled in Thorne Rewards to earn Reward Points. Each Thorne Rewards member starts with zero Reward Points and begins to accumulate Reward Points after enrolling. Purchases of Thorne products that you make before you enroll in Thorne Rewards do not accumulate Reward Points.
  • Thorne Rewards members earn one Loyalty Point for every U.S. dollar spent on Thorne products, unless otherwise indicated — for example, when we’re having a Double Reward Points Day.
  • Members will earn Reward Points on purchases placed on, or placed by email, or placed by telephone.
  • Members of the Thorne Rewards program are assigned to a Reward Tier based on the amount of Thorne products purchased during the 12-month period that begins at your enrollment date. Each Reward Tier is associated with different benefits.
  • A member must be signed in to their Thorne account (for online orders) or provide their account number (for other orders) to have Reward Points credited to their Thorne Rewards account.
  • Reward Points have no cash value.
  • Reward Points will be deducted on ineligible orders, returned orders, and canceled orders.
  • Health-care practitioner customers do not earn Reward Points on orders placed by their patients.
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