World-class scientific supplements for practitioners.

Thorne provides practitioners with superior formulated supplements containing ingredients that are thoroughly tested and backed by clinical research. Make it easy for you and your patients to find the right supplements to best support their health. Start growing your practice revenue today.
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Build your
Marketing tools
Gain access to links and banners to add to your website or social media and give clients direct access to your dispensary. When you create a Thorne profile, new clients can find you online.
Review your earnings
Get updates on your earnings and which Thorne products individual clients have ordered. Receive a check in the mail at the end of each month.
Simple online
World-class products
Access to 200+ products with clinically studied ingredients and health tests. Use these products to customize your storefront and patient offerings.
Flexible dispensing options
Online dispensing delivers the product direct-to-patient with free shipping.
Or opt for purchasing the products wholesale by offering them in-office.
Whole patient
Engage patients
Build ongoing, personal relationships with your patients by providing custom protocols, diet and lifestyle recommendations, and educational resources written by experts.
Review results
Review lab results for Thorne health tests to personalize recommendations and measure outcomes.
Thorne is trusted by
world-class organizations
Why Thorne?
For your
Extend patient care into the home
Reach more patients with virtual protocols and dispensing
Expand clinic income stream
Monthly direct deposit of earnings
Sales reports
Access to world-class education for both practitioners and patients
For you - the
100% free to use
Access to 200+ products with clinically studied ingredients and health tests
Online dispensing for direct-to-patient shipping
Wholesale prices to offer in-office dispensing
Curate your custom list and storefront
Evidence based protocols
Provide personal care with treatment plans
For your patients
and their families
Personal Care: Quality patient care outside of the office
Convenient Access: High quality supplements delivered to your front door
Adherence: Auto refill and auto ship / subscription reminders for a healthy routine
Education: Access to health and wellness education
Free shipping
HIPPA Compliant
With a deep portfolio of personalized offerings – testing that provides individualized data, educational resources, and products that support specific health goals and needs
– Thorne is here at every age and life stage.
Quality Without Compromise
We are committed to transparency about what we use in our products and why, so you know exactly what you’re taking and how it will support your health goals. Our products:

Never contain banned substances
Are free from stearates and other unnecessary fillers
Never contain flavors derived from artificial sources
Are made with colors derived from natural sources
Factors we
When sourcing ingredients, Thorne goes further to produce supplements that exceed expectations.

Clinical research
We test for any unspecified ingredient that would “contaminate” the raw materials, including, but not limited to:

Heavy metals
Pesticide residues
Residual solvents
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