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This was an insightful test with a lot of information on my organs, blood, metabolism, and electrolytes. I like that it literally gives me my biological age and how I benchmark against others. I plan to take this regularly to see if I can improve with the recommendations.

Claire L. Verified Purchase: Biological Age Test

Wow! So helpful!

Seriously... this is worth your money! Got more information and personalized plan/diet/supplements based off what my results showed. Wow! I am so glad I did this at home health test. So much more information than I would have gotten by getting tested at the doctors. Super simple instructions and fast results. Worth it!

Katarina M. Verified Purchase: Stress Test

Talk about my insides!

I've taken a few stool tests that "show" me what is going on inside my gut and this one is by far the most advanced that I've seen. I really appreciate the breakdown of gut bacteria, supplement recommendations, micro-nutrient measurements, and most of all a recommended diet to help get my gut back into shape! THAT was the most impressive! I highly recommend this to anyone who "feels off" or wants to know why bloating/digestive discomfort happens to you.

Anonymous Verified Purchase: Gut Health Test

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Walk through the process of reviewing the at home health test results and personalized recommendations

What you'll discover

Your personal biomarker results are displayed across an intuitive dashboard, highlighting the key data points and what they mean for you and your health goals.
We provide detailed insights to help identify potential health risks and specific areas of improvement - generated using Thorne's Health Intelligence platform.
Your results are reviewed by board-certified physicians and include a comprehensive improvement plan, tailored with individual recommendations based on your unique results.
Watch your health evolve and improve over time through follow-up testing that validates the effectiveness of your wellness plan and helps you maintain optimal health over your lifetime.

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