Professional Statement

“IAAM consists of a caring team of well-trained professionals to plan and monitor your program in a friendly and pleasant environment. We believe in a holistic approach to wellness, because health is a physical, mental, and spiritual process. Our goal is to help our patients along the journey to wellness and healthy aging. We accomplish this by being thorough in our evaluations, keeping informed of medical advancements and always insuring that our patient’s well-being is our top priority.” -PEGGY H. FISHMAN, M.D. WHAT IS AGE-MANAGEMENT/ANTI-AGING MEDICINE? The Science of Anti-Aging Medicine is represented by advances in the fields of biochemistry, biology and physiology. The field is enhanced by contributions from mind/body medicine, sports medicine, molecular genetics and emerging medical technologies. Anti-Aging medicine is evidence-based, clinically sound health care. Our Age-Management Services Include: Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Comprehensive Laboratory Evaluation Age-Management / Preventative Medicine Nutritional Evaluations Heavy Metal Testing and Detoxification Cognitive Enhancement with Memory Protectors Genetic Testing & Telomere Testing/Neurotransmitter Testing Immune System Analysis Pharmaceutical-Grade Customized Nutritional Supplements Medical Weight Management


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Peggy Fishman, Md. Integrative & Age-management Medicine, 3703 Taylorsville Rd., Ste 120, Louisville, KY 40220
Peggy Fishman, Md. Integrative & Age-management Medicine, 24 Taylor Place, Westport, CT 06880


Doctor of Medicine (MD)