Professional Statement

A Place For Healing is a center for alternative and energy healing for animals and people. Consultations are available by phone or in person. At the time of the appointment, the client or patients symptoms or needs are addressed by gathering data concerning the patients history and lifestyle. A detailed energy analysis of the animal or person’s field is performed, Living Systems Analysis™ and Quantum Frequency Rebalancing™. This analysis provides Dr. Starita with information identifying the origin of the challenge, be it physical, etheric, emotional, mental or spiritual, as well as direction from the patients own higher consciousness as to which healing modalities will provide the most effective result. After the treatment program has been identified, the recommended supplements or program may be shipped directly from our office, procured locally by the client, or transmitted directly as a frequency through a technique called radionics. About Dr. Donna M. Starita Dr. Donna M Starita is the owner and director of A Place for Healing, Center for Vibrational Medicine for Animals and People in Damascus, Oregon. Dr. Starita is a graduate of Rutgers University and the Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine. After several years of conventional practice, enlightened clients and her family’s own health challenges led her into the exploration of alternative healing techniques, and later, vibrational medicine for animals and people. Dr. Starita has devoted her 30 years of veterinary practice and 25 years in alternative healing and vibrational medicine to the development of a healing technique which she has trademarked as Living Systems Analysis™ and Quantum Frequency Rebalancing™. Her areas of expertise and current study include radionics, medical intuition, the human-animal bond, homeopathy, Rife therapy, distance healing, nutrition, spiritual evolution, herbal and glandular therapies, gem and flower essences, emotional release therapy, and the use of color and sound to heal. Donna is past, and current president of the International Alliance for Animal Therapy and Healing, and has taught for the Upledger Institute and Dialogues in Contemporary Rehabilitation. She has authored numerous articles on natural healing and teaches classes on vibrational medicine for animals and people.


A Place For Healing 25090 Se Henningsen Road, Damascus, OR 97089


Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP)