Professional Statement

As a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner, I seek to understand you as the unique individual that you are. After a thorough health history I create a Matrix. This functional tool informs me where we need to start working in order to bring resolution of your symptoms. My work focuses on educating you about shifting your internal terrain through food choices that better serve your body and by addressing lifestyle choices (sleep, relaxation, stress, community, hydration, food) that may be impeding true healing. Education around whats going on in your body is often the catalyst needed to help you make sustainable changes that promote resolution of symptoms. Having a chronic illness or obscure symptoms that don't make sense can leave you feeling defeated, overwhelmed, confused, feeling like it's all in their head and lonely. My passion is to provide supportive guidance and walk alongside you as you pursue your own healing journey. Uncovering and working toward resolution of your symptoms, rather than simply masking symptoms with more and more medication, is my goal for you. I work virtually, on the phone, with clients from anywhere.


DiabetesHashimoto'sMetabolic syndromes


Laurie Vork Box 1504, Clearwater, FL 33767


Health Coach (HC)


Functional Nutrition Alliance
Full Body Systems | Completed 2015
Functional Nutrition Alliance
Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner | Completed 2017