Professional Statement

Karen Kaufman, MD is a board-certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist who has been practicing in Boulder, Colorado since 2003. She graduated with her MD from Case Western Reserve School of Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio and completed her residency at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois. While practicing in Boulder, Dr. Kaufman became aware that patients needed and wanted more than what they were receiving from traditional Western Medical healthcare. She observed that while some patients felt better with certain medications including bio-identical hormones, a large percentage continued to not feel “well” or had even more symptoms because underlying issues were not addressed. Through these observations she became passionate about functional, integrative medical care and incorporating more holistic approaches with patients. As a result, she pursued a fellowship in Functional Medicine to develop a deeper understanding of the underlying triggers that keep patients from experiencing their optimal health. Dr. Kaufman recognized that she wanted to take more time to investigate and understand the various underlying causes of her patient's symptoms than she had in a traditional medical model. Her current practice, Kaufman Health and Hormone Center reflects a personalized and comprehensive care model emphasizing the partnership between doctor and patient. Each patient is an individual with varying backgrounds, life stressors, medical history and symptoms. Dr. Kaufman takes the time to learn about and partner with each patient to provide more personalized and comprehensive health care to help someone feel better when out of balance.


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Kaufman Health & Hormone Center 315 W. South Boulder Road, Suite 208, Louisville, CO 80027


Doctor of Medicine (MD)