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Perfusia SR- Arguably the most important Cardiovascular product of the decade

Perfusia-SR – Arguably the Most Important Cardiovascular Product of the Decade

Achieving good cardiovascular health remains one of the top health priorities in the United States, despite billions of dollars having been spent on cholesterol-lowering drugs, angioplasties, and bypass procedures. A critical component to achieving long-term cardiovascular health includes regular exercise and proper nutrition. One nutrient in particular, L-arginine – an amino acid present in protein – is essential to a healthy cardiovascular system.*

L-arginine is involved in many crucial bodily systems, including creating proteins, regulating the immune system, and healing wounds.* But probably the most important function of L-arginine in the body is its contribution to good cardiovascular health.* In the cells that line the inside of all blood vessels – called endothelial cells – L-arginine is converted into nitric oxide (NO). The simple NO molecule – made up of one atom of nitrogen and one atom of oxygen – is a gas created in the endothelial cells that migrates quickly into the muscle tissue surrounding the blood vessel. NO causes the muscle tissue of the vessel to relax, allowing the blood vessel to dilate normally.* This results in normal blood flow to the heart, the brain, the extremities, and other areas of the body.* Another positive effect of L-arginine and nitric oxide is a protective effect inside the blood vessel itself. Adequate NO keeps the blood vessel healthy and more resistant to damage.*

Nitric oxide production in the body can be hampered by oxidative stress, by high blood homocysteine levels, and by high levels of asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA). ADMA is an arginine look-alike molecule that competes with L-arginine for the enzyme that makes NO, but does not actually make NO when it does bind to the enzyme. This ADMA-induced competition for NO production can be overcome by supplementing with L-arginine.* That's a good thing because inadequate NO production can result in endothelial dysfunction.* For example, without enough NO, oxidative damage can occur, white blood cells can adhere to the endothelial cells, and the smooth muscles underlying the blood vessels can abnormally proliferate.* The unwanted result can be reduced blood flow to essential organs, including the heart and brain.*

Nitric oxide can only be produced when there is adequate L-arginine in the endothelial cell, as only L-arginine can be converted directly into NO.* Numerous animal and human studies have demonstrated that L-arginine supplementation can increase NO levels, thereby promoting normal endothelial function.*

When there is enough L-arginine in the cells, sufficient NO is produced and several positive things happen:

  • Arteries can relax, enhancing blood flow*
  • As arteries relax, already normal blood pressure can be maintained*
  • In men, erections can occur in the normal course of intimacy*

Arginine Promotes Healthy Sexual Function*

Since healthy blood vessels are needed for healthy erections, when blood vessels are not functioning properly, men can have trouble getting an erection. Arginine works in the blood vessels of the penis the same way arginine works in other blood vessels; it creates nitric oxide, which causes the blood vessels to relax and dilate.* When this process is not working properly, it probably isn't working in other blood vessels in the body either. In fact, research has shown that men with erectile dysfunction are at increased risk for not having good cardiovascular health.* A recent study found that men who had erectile dysfunction at the beginning of a 4-year study had a significantly increased risk of cardiovascular health decline during the four-year period. Middle-aged and older men and women who take Perfusia-SR can both have healthy sexual function because Perfusia-SR can increase blood flow to the genital area in both sexes.*

Most L-arginine comes from dietary sources. However, inadequate dietary protein, genetics, and lifestyle issues could result in not enough L-arginine – and therefore not enough NO – to help keep healthy blood vessels remaining healthy.

Perfusia-SR – A Unique Form of L-Arginine

Taken orally, regular supplemental L-arginine is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and metabolized, which can make it difficult to maintain sufficient blood levels throughout the day. Researchers studying L-arginine have often used large doses to try to overcome this problem.

Perfusia-SR is a unique, patented L-arginine formula that is slowly absorbed into the bloodstream over a 12-hour period, creating sustained blood levels with easy, twice-daily, moderate dosing.*

Some of the Research on Perfusia-SR

A unique study using positron emission tomography (PET) to assess blood flow to the heart muscle (myocardium) demonstrated a significant increase in coronary blood flow after taking Perfusia-SR in an oral dose.*

Researchers in Germany studied the effect of Perfusia-SR in individuals who had a high blood ADMA level. Perfusia-SR improved blood flow in these individuals.*

In 29 healthy people given 1,050 mg of Perfusia-SR twice daily for seven days, already normal blood pressure levels were better maintained, and the elasticity of large arteries was enhanced (which results in healthy blood flow).*

Perfusia-SR – to promote healthy blood flow and maintain already normal blood pressure levels.*

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