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Super EPA Pro and Krill Oil

Two New Additions to Thorne's EFA Offerings


Super EPA Pro – Now available in 60 and 120 capsule bottles!

Highly-concentrated EPA to help maintain healthy lipid levels*
  • Omega-3 oils from small, non-accumulating fish, harvested from pristine Peruvian waters
  • Green technology: Supercritical Fluid Technology (CO2 extraction) for maximum EPA concentration
  • 650 mg EPA / 100 mg DHA per gelcap
  • Incomparable purity and quality you expect from Thorne
Studies demonstrate a higher concentration of EPA in a capsule is more effective in helping to maintain healthy triglyceride levels.* Quite simply, it's what is NOT in the capsule that is key. For example, a typical 1,000-mg fish oil capsule might have 300-500 mg of omega-3s and 500-700 mg of other saturated and unsaturated fats per capsule (fats that can interfere with the efficacy of the omega-3s).

Super EPA Pro is manufactured using Supercritical Fluid Technology, which utilizes low temperatures and standardized pressures. The result is a pure, highly-concentrated product containing 650 mg EPA and 100 mg DHA per softgel. The low temperatures used in the extraction process assure maintenance of molecular integrity, and the use of nitrogen ensures the supercritical oil stays fresh throughout the process, preventing oxidation of the oils.

Super EPA Pro contains omega-3 oils from small, non-accumulating fish, harvested from pristine Peruvian waters where the population is closely monitored by sonar buoys to determine how many fish are in a particular area in order to prevent depletion of the population. The result is the most sustainable source of wild fish in the marketplace.

Back by popular demand!

Krill Oil

Omega-3 fatty acid / phospholipid complex from Antarctic krill
  • 625 mg krill oil per gelcap
  • High bioavailabality allows for lower dosing*
  • Small, easy-to-swallow capsules
Antarctic krill is a unique source of omega-3 essential fatty acids. A zooplankton crustacean, krill is rich in the omega-3 oils EPA and DHA, as well as phospholipids, flavonoids, and the carotene astaxanthin. The EPA and DHA in krill oil are incorporated into phospholipid molecules closely resembling that of phospholipids in the human brain. This makes krill oil highly absorbable and bioavailable, as these essential fatty acids do not have to be converted in the body into cell membrane-ready phospholipids.*

Our krill raw material is harvested in Antarctica in compliance with the landmark Antarctic Treaty System, which strictly regulates the annual krill harvest to protect sea animals that depend on krill for food.

Thorne's Krill Oil is an exceptionally pure product with no measurable mercury, lead, cadmium, or PCBs. It is also a highly stable product, eliminating the need to use preservatives. Its high bioavailability allows lower dosages (typically 1 to 2 capsules twice daily).* Krill Oil causes no GI upset or "fish oil burping."

A study comparing the beneficial effects of krill oil to regular fish oil on premenstrual discomfort found krill oil to be superior.*

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