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Thorne Research, Inc. - Get on Board Patient Express!

Welcome to Patient Express...

Thorne Research is proud to introduce our new patient-direct purchasing program, Patient Express!

With Patient Express there is no need to maintain an in-office inventory of supplements. Your patients can now order directly from Thorne Research.

Key Benefits of Patient Express

  • Your patients can purchase products directly from Thorne.
  • You reduce or eliminate the need to maintain an in-office inventory.
  • You can manage your patients' compliance easily through the program's online patient order history interface.
  • Your patients receive free shipping on orders over $250.
Please click on the link below for more details about this new and exciting service from Thorne Research.

Patient Express Information

New and Improved MediClear and MediClear Plus

MediClear and MediClear Plus–
now with rice and pea protein

Better tasting, smoother, with an improved amino acid profile

Enjoy nature's calming effects

Enjoy nature's calming effects.
PharmaGABA is now available in 250 mg capsules

PharmaGABA helps calm the mind without being sedating. Find that zen feeling with our new PharmaGABA-250 or our original PharmaGABA-100. Click above for more information.

Thorne Research, Inc. - Pure Ingredients, Trusted Results

Introducing PolyResveratrol-SR

A unique combination of pure resveratrol, pure pterostilbene and synergists.

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