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Daily Packets from Thorne Research

Thorne Daily Packets: Greater Convenience, Better Compliance

The key to a successful nutritional program is ensuring good patient compliance. This can be a challenge, especially when a patient needs to take several supplements on a daily basis. To help make this process easier Thorne is introducing the first in a series of new Daily Packet offerings to help keep your patients healthy. Thorne's "take anywhere" Daily Packets provide complete nutritional support in convenient-to-carry packets. The first offerings in this series are:

Daily Nutrients Packets
Designed for general health maintenance, Daily Nutrients Packets make it easier to ensure your patients get the nutritional support they need for the day. Just two packets daily (one for the morning and one for the afternoon) not only supply vitamin and mineral supplementation, but also provide essential fatty acids and key antioxidants to support healthy heart, liver, and brain function.* Daily Nutrients Packets are convenient and easy to take anywhere. There is no need to sort, count, or measure. Daily Nutrients Packets combine three select formulas from Thorne Research: Extra Nutrients (multi-vitamin mineral with extra antioxidants), PolyResveratrol-SR for added cellular support, and Omega Plus for balanced essential fatty acid support.*

Daily Nutrients Prenatal Packets
Daily Nutrients Prenatal Packets make it easier for pregnant and nursing mothers to get the nutritional support they need for the day. Just one packet daily provides the supplemental vitamin, mineral, and DHA needed to support healthy fetal brain development.* Daily Nutrients Prenatal Packets are convenient and easy to take anywhere. There is no need to sort, count, or measure. Daily Nutrients Prenatal Packets combine Thorne's Basic Prenatal multi with the essential fatty acid, DHA.

Detox Nutrients Packets
Detox Nutrients Packets offer a simple and effective way to ensure your patients get the proper nutrients they need each day to help the body's detoxification mechanisms run optimally. Detox Nutrients Packets are ideal for anyone undergoing a cleansing program. In addition, individuals on a weight-loss program, undergoing sauna therapy, or engaging in strenuous exercise can benefit from these convenient packets.*

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We are all Toxic!

We are all Toxic!

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Thorne Research is proud to present Thorne Organics™!

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