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MAP Policy

We're declaring victory!
Thorne MAP Compliance Efforts Successful

With over 90 Internet vendors identified, and nearing 100% compliance, the results are clear!

In our second MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) compliance flyer we empowered each of you to play detective to help us identify the "unknowns"; let us just say we are thrilled with the response. Over 40 practitioners contacted us with information regarding discounters and suspected storefronts. Not only was possible discounter data conveyed but some great top-secret super-sneaky sleuthing techniques were shared as well. We are humbled by your pro-active response.

There was also a HUGE response from practitioners who simply wanted to verbalize their enthusiasm; a small sample:

"Hallelujah!! This has been a big problem and I am glad to see you going after it in this way."
"EXCELLENT! Thank you for your efforts."
"FINALLY somebody is doing something about this!!!"
"I will start using more of your products now."
"I am very happy and supportive of this! Thanks for your good work."
"Thank you Thorne: Those places are taking a huge chunk out of doctors pt care follow up visits."
"Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

We are also continuing our policy of offering a $250.00 product credit for information leading to a positive ID of an unknown vendor, and please continue your pro-active approach to discounting; if you see a product listed on the Internet below MAP price send us the link and we will check it out. With regard to Internet advertising, websites must reflect the September 1st price increase no later than September 15th.

Does this mean our job is done? Not likely. Thorne will remain forever diligent in identifying and stopping Internet discounters in support of our dedicated practitioners. Even today there are vendors still offering discounted products, but be assured, if we don't know who they are, we soon will, and their accounts will be handled accordingly.

Thank you for supporting our MAP policy compliance efforts. If you have any questions regarding our MAP policy, why we have implemented it, or our price increase transition deadline, please contact Gregg Merithew at

MAP Policy

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